About avesu


Everybody needs good shoes.

Particularly people who care about how shoes are made.

avesu is here for people like you. People who care. People who want to take a step in the right direction, perhaps starting with their footwear.

Berlin-based avesu was founded back in 2010 to fill this niche.

We knew that you, like us, were crying out for a one-stop shop full of amazing ethical and vegan shoe brands from around the world. Fashionable peep-toes, walking shoes, running shoes, business shoes, sneakers and more.

We scour local markets and engage in extensive dialogue and research to get you the very best, ready for you to try on in person at our stores in Berlin and Hamburg or order via our online shop. Sweet!

Every single one of the 40+ brands we stock is continually researched to ensure they meet our strict guidelines for inclusion in our range. This means that they must be fantastic quality, made from ethical and environmentally friendly vegan materials, and the workers who make them must be treated with fairness and dignity.

Choosing shoes shouldn’t be a matter of compromise between quality, comfort and ethics. We like to think we’ve found the sweet spot. Take a look and judge for yourself.

If you would like to know more about our story, why we are leather-free, or how we approach sustainability and ethical conditions, feel free to browse the different sections of our Infocenter that are accessible via the sidebar.